Thomas Edward Finally Here!


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Much anticipated little Thomas Michael arrived a few days late….on Tuesday, August 11th at 8:51 PM. The little beast weighed in at 9 Pounds, 14 ounces and was 22 1/4 inches long. Labor was a bit extensive for my daughter and I was so amazed at her strength and perseverance. In addition to myself and Aja’s husband her sisters Mackenzie and Karson were honored to be present and be a part of little Thomas’ entrance into the world. The day could not have been more perfect and we are very relieved to have Mother and baby home, healthy and happy. This will be the beginning of  FOREVER PHOTOS…..

Little/whoops....Big Thomas 1 day old!

One day old.......

Coming home in his special outfit of course.

Coming home in his special outfit of course.
Already 4 days old!Already 4 days old…..and growing! IMG_2628
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