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The Language of Flowers {Sacramento Portrait Photographer}

The Language of Flowers is in stores today! Thank you to all who encouraged me over the years to continue writing.

I hope it is received well. Love, V

(The above was Vanessa’s quote on her Facebook this morning)

We are so excited to be a small (a very small) part of a very big and exciting happening today. Meet one of the most amazing women I know, Vanessa Diffenbaugh. Vanessa has spent countless hours writing a very wonderful book, The Language of Flowers. I’m so excited because it is in stores on sale today! An exciting day for her and for all the people who have supported her getting her book out to all of the anticipating readers.

Here is a link to purchase her book in just about any form of reading or listening to.

Believe me, you will really enjoy this read!

The Language of Flowers is a heartfelt book about Victoria who spent her childhood in the Foster Care system and was unable to get close to anyone….

This is Vanessa’s video about her wonderful book and the Foster Care system, please check it out.

One day when I was photographing Vanessa’s children she asked me to take a quick photograph of her; she mentioned very nonchalantly that she would like to use it for a book that she was writing. As I asked her about her about her book I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the story line and what Vanessa was doing. I just could not get over my infatuation of her endeavors.

Months later I was contacted by “Random House Publishing Group” asking me what my bank account number was so that they could pay me. Very surprised, I asked, “what do you want to pay me for?” Their response was that my photograph was being used in The Language of Flowers book, which they were soon to be publishing. I was honored to have the photograph in Vanessa’s book and now I was being paid for it? I just didn’t know how to react to that. Vanessa then sent me the below advance copy of the book, what a wonderful gift.

A few weeks later, I received the below email:

Bonjour Madame Bisharat !

 Nous aimerions publier la photo ci-jointe dans notre catalogue de l’automne pour présenter le livre Le langage secret des fleurs de Vanessa Diffenbaugh. Pouvons-nous avoir votre accord ?

 Je vous remercie de me donner des nouvelles dès que possible.

 Sophie Morin    Québec Loisirs

What does it say you would like to know? Well, I too wanted to know and transcribed it in Google translate.

It reads:

Hello Ms. Bisharat!

We would like to publish the attached photo in our catalog in the fall to introduce the book The Secret Language of Flowers Vanessa Diffenbaugh. Can we have your permission?

Thank you for giving me the news as soon as possible.

Sophie Morin    Quebec Entertainment

Sophie and I wrote back and forth several times and I can’t tell you how fun it was to have a conversation with someone in Quebec in French about my photograph. I was also very pleased with the fact that they have respect for copyright laws and asked my permission.

Vanessa is soon to be touring the United States and perhaps even the world doing book signings. Here is link to her schedule but guess what? She will be in Sacramento, California next week! Yes, August 31, 2011, Vanessa is scheduled to be Tsakopoulos Library Galleria 828 I Street, 7:30 pm-9:00 pm. Of course I will be there, can’t wait!

WAIT….there is one last thing! If the above is not enough of an accomplishment, Vanessa, in conjunction with her book and her friend has started a non-profit organization.

Please read this….

My dear friends and family,It’s time!  Many of you know that in coordination with my book release (The Language of Flowers, out this Tuesday!) I am launching a non-profit, Camellia Network ( , with my close friend and brilliant strategist, Isis Keigwin.  It has truly been a labor of love, with all the ups and downs that come with trying to bring an idea into reality.

Now we need your help.  Right now our website is live, showcasing the profiles and registries of nearly twenty talented, hardworking, hopeful young people.  All these young people have recently emancipated from the foster care system, and all have been referred to us by teachers, social workers, or CASAs who have selected them based on motivation and desire to succeed.

Follow the link below to find young people on the verge of entering four-year universities (imagine doing this without the support of a family–what a feat!), young mothers with stable jobs about to move into their first apartment (the expense of furnishing!), and even a young man who is trying to lose enough weight to go into the navy (and he has already lost 30 pounds!).

I believe these young people shouldn’t have to do this all on their own.  On our website you can buy something from a youth’s registry (an iron, sheets or towels, books or even a computer) that they have picked out, or contribute a flat dollar amount towards the items on their registry.  It doesn’t matter what you contribute–$5 or a $100–it all adds up.  And every time you contribute, you have the opportunity to send a message to the young person, encouraging them toward their goal.  Every dollar you give goes 100% toward the youth you identify.

Please help me spread the word!  We are still working out some of the kinks (our Facebook integration, for example, is not working exactly right) but we have real kids on our website with real needs–the youth leaving for college need their registries fulfilled within the next two weeks!–so we couldn’t wait any longer to send it out.  We know you will forgive our imperfections and know that we are working as hard as we can to make our site live up to our vision.

Please email me or Isis ( with any questions or feedback–we’d love to hear from you!

And most importantly, here is the link to the registries:

With love and appreciation,



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