Natalie {Sacramento State University Grad}

Happy Monday!

This evening I would love you to meet Natalie. Beautiful, sweet, smart and full of life are the words that come to mind when I think of this young woman.

Natalie contacted me to schedule her portrait session and although we had to reschedule the appointment {this weather #@$%!), we had a blast when we did get together with some awesome late afternoon sunlight. I loved the outfits Natalie chose especially the idea of including her cap, gown, sash and special tassel.  “College life has been great” Natalie mentioned, “no regrets”! Best of luck to Natalie. I know you will have an awesome future, do wonderful things and be very successful.  I hope to be the one you call in the future for your next milestone in life when a Professional Photographer is needed!


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    Sacramento, california