Meeting New Little Sister {Sacramento Newborn Photographer}

I had a brief visit to the hospital the other day to document a new big sister meeting her new little sister for the first time. It occurred to me that this was a little miracle happening in her life right then, as I prepared to take the pictures. The expression, excitement and wonder in big sister when Mom (who sported her Designer Hospital Gown) asked if she wanted to hold her little sister, was simply breathtaking. I got the distinct feeling that this was just about the best thing that had ever happened to her, meeting her new little sister, her mini me. Once in her lap she just didn’t know what to think, she appeared to be full of  fear, disbelief, pride and a whole lot of love! I think she was ready to bring Mom and sister home and make “the I’m the big sister” thing final right then and there. I’m very curious to hear how much fun they are all having now that they are home.

On this exciting day, Mom looked as beautiful as ever! She had been given a gift by a friend, one of the lovely Annie and Isabel Designer Hospital Gowns and she looked just gorgeous in it. She was wearing The Anita which is one of my personal favorites in their line of gowns. I have had several opportunities to photograph new Moms and I have to say, when a new Mom is in an Annie and Isabel Gown, it is obvious to me how much more beautiful they truly look and feel. It is very special to be able to document this time in these families lives when their new little miracles arrive and the designer gowns sure help make lovely photographs.

Dad appeared as proud as ever as he held his two little girls in his arms. My heart truly melted over seeing this big strong man with his two little angels and the idea of what the future may hold for all of them was on my mind. It made me think about my own girls (all three of them) and how much they have all grown into such beautiful women so quickly.

These moments are to cherish, that’s for sure……… it won’t be long and these little sisters will be having little miracles of their own….

Newborn photography session at the hosptialNewborn Photography session with lovely family in the hospitalNewborn photography session with Mom, Dad and sister

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