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Kira: Favorite Photo Friday {Sacramento Children Photographer}

Hello, it is Friday and this week has been a very touching week for me. I have a little story behind my portrait session with Kira this week, and I’m happy to choose some of her photos for our Favorite Photo Friday.

Kira (6) and I met at the park a couple of days ago and as she hopped out of the car for our session together, my first impression of her was that she was shy, timid and quite. Her Mother and I had never met and we introduced ourselves and then Kelly proceeded to show me the cute little outfits she and Kira brought to the park for the session. I L-O-V-E photographing children and when I get an adorable 6 year old in front of my lens it is always an exceptionally great time.

As Kira and I started together down the little green trail I got the feeling she was a little nervous. There are always plenty of distractions at the park and soon she and I saw a butterfly. Kira was so excited when she caught this little butterfly and after talking it over she decided to name the butterfly “Blossom.” She soon was convinced that Blossom wanted to go home with her and we found a container in my car so she could take the very pretty butterfly with her.

As we continued our session and exploring the park Kelly, Kira’s Mom mentioned to me that Kira was a bit nervous coming to the session as I had thought. She said that when they were getting ready, Kelly explained to Kira that she really wanted to get some nice photographs of Kira before her tooth came out. (Kira’s right front tooth is loose and it is going to be her very first tooth to come out.) Kelly told me that Kira thought that after I took her photographs today,  I was going to take her tooth out. I guess she thought I was going to pull her tooth and she would then have a hole there.:)

Sure explains her being nervous to me!


What an adorable little girl and a very fun session. When we were done with our photo taking and were getting ready to leave, Kira looked up at me and said “Brenda, I don’t ever want to leave you”. I completely melted! Needless to say we were off looking for more butterflies and lady bugs…….

What a joyful, amazing and blessed job I have! I’m so grateful.

As far as my week being emotional, my daughter Karson had her sweet 16 birthday on Wednesday and the same day I attended a memorial service for little baby Keylee. Keylee lived 3,637 precious minutes and I was there to document her little life. Perhaps I will feel comfortable sharing more in future posts.

An entire weekend devoted to volleyball and basketball for the Bisharat Family

……we LOVE sports!


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