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Today I was so excited when I saw a tweet from {Annie and Isabel Designer Hospital Gowns} come across my computer saying that PREGNANCY.ORG, LLC had published a blog post Anna had written about the birth of her last son Daniel. Bisharat Photography documented Daniel’s birth and our slide show is part of Anna’s story and is on the blog post. Please check it out if you get a chance.

The post along with some upcoming births I have really reminded me how much I love documenting births. In fact it really could possibly be my favorite thing to photograph…..

Here is Bethany’s story and why she chose to call me to document the birth of her son Matthew…

My daughter is four years old and at the time of her birth a lot was going on.  We are not from Sacramento, my husband’s family lives 90 minutes away, while mine is 3,000 miles away.  My husband was due to leave at 7am the morning after her birth for the next 3 months and I would be alone in Sac with a small smattering of friends over the summer.  It was one of the happiest yet saddest points in our marriage – all in 24 hours!  I had a planned c-section and my husband manned the video camera as well as a non-digital old style camera at the time.  We have a decent amount of in hospital pictures however since he was leaving, we used the hospital’s Polaroid to take a dozen pictures that he could take with him the next morning.  What I didn’t realize is that aside from one photo in the delivery room, our only family photos were on Polaroid, not the best quality; and then he was gone for the summer!  I felt cheated of capturing our first family moments with our newborn in many ways with his leaving and then having no remembrance via pictures was painful.  I happened to meet Brenda’s work via a mommy group friend and was enchanted by her photography (I have always been obsessed with pictures and random beautiful photography).  When I learned that she does birth photography, I immediately thought….


So this past January, a few weeks before my due date I contacted Brenda and thankfully she was available for our big day.  To me the births of our children are as important as our wedding day, so it made sense to have a birth album similar to our wedding album. Having Brenda present almost felt like there was family in the room; her unobtrusive style and the fact that she was a mom and had witnessed many births via her job gave me a sense of security and I actually felt safe with her there!  I am in love with our finished product, was happily tearful upon seeing the album for the first time!  It is SO gorgeous and life-like I could nearly hear his newborn cries coming off the pages!  The first moments of birth are irreplaceable and priceless to me, I am thrilled to be able to relive and study those moments in time via Brenda’s talents…my only regret is I did not know her in 2006 with my daughter!  Thank you Brenda!!!

When Bethany came in to pick up her birth album, we both CRIED!

Birth documentation

Bethany picking up her birth album

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