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Today I have the distinct pleasure of introducing you to baby Abigail Joanne Samms “Abby” who is officially 7 days new!I think we can all agree her little lips, cheeks, hands and toes should earn her a spot on the cover of every baby magazine in the nation!

Seriously, I’m practically melting from cuteness overload!

Abby slept most of the way through our two hour session. And when she wasn’t sleeping, Abby was calm, observing her siblings and surroundings as though she had been around much longer than only 7 days. She couldn’t have been any sweeter.

I’m so excited I get the opportunity to continue documenting baby Abby as she grows and changes in the upcoming months! Abby will be coming in every few months, taking advantage of our milestone package. I loved photographing her siblings every three months as well.

How lucky am I to have such a fantastic job, documenting such adorable newness!?!?And here we have the rest of the beautiful Samms youngsters!

How blessed is Abby to have all these adorable siblings to watch after her?!?!

Welcome to the world baby Abby~

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