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Long Days Almost Gone {Sacramento Family Portraits}

The days are growing shorter which means we have less hours of daylight to create beautiful family portraits for the holidays. We have some spectacular holiday specials that you will not want to miss! Don’t hesitate to call and schedule your session. 916-247-1773 or email or

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Tis the Best Season

We realize it is only September, however tis the Best Season for family portraits. Yes, it is!

The weather is perfect, the lighting is perfect and the days are still long enough to sneak your session in right after school or your dinner hour. Soon our days will be short and there will be less time to work in a beautiful family portrait session into your schedule. Don’t hesitate, call or email now!

916-974-0664 Email


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Our Sweet Baby Dean

Thank you for visiting our blog and our little post about the newest addition to our family,  sweet little baby Dean.

While visiting my son Beau in Boulder, I received a call from my daughter Aja who mentioned she was a bit concerned about the baby and had gone in to the hospital to be monitored. I flew home the next day and picked up a couple of Annie and Isabel gowns since the Drs had decided that little baby Dean would be better outside the womb rather then staying in. They decided to induce her labor. Thank you Annie and Isabel for helping cheer up my daughter during the difficult laboring hours. Aja is in the NICU with Baby Dean wearing the adorable “Annie Gown”.

I think she looks amazing!!!

Baby Dean was born 6 weeks early, however we are so excited to have him and he is doing so great, gaining weight and letting everyone know exactly what he wants at all times! Mom, Dad, his brothers Hunter and Thomas can’t get enough of him and his Mimi, Poppi, Aunts and Uncles are pretty excited too. Sometimes the smallest things do take up the most room in our hearts!



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Rosy - September 13, 2016 - 12:02 pm

Thank you for sharing:)

Beau Goes Buff

My husband and I just dropped off our last child at college and for some reason or another I am feeling the need to reflect. As some of you know and perhaps many do not, my husband and I have 4 children. As busy as life has gotten and as busy as it tends to get sometimes, of course, I would not change a thing about all the years we have had raising them to become responsible adults. As I write this, it is so strange to me to think that we are now “empty nesters”. I write this with much emotion and quite frankly with tears running down my cheeks. It is a sad time but also a joyful and very exciting time for our entire household and family. Here is the video I made for Beau’s graduation. I’m amazed at how fast time has gone and how quickly this day has come. 

As you can see in the photograph above, Beau is our youngest of our four children and the only boy. Aja (34) our oldest is married to Patrick and they have two little boys, Hunter (6) and Thomas (7). We are excited to welcome another little grandson in early September, Aja’s due date is the same day as Beau’s first game at CU. Our daughter Mackenzie (23) is the sweetest soul ever, she lives with her boyfriend Scott, who fits into our family perfectly. Mackenzie will graduate soon and plans on teaching. Karson (20) going on 25 is our “flare” of the family. She keeps us all laughing and active at all times. She has friends from one end of the earth to the other and always has something to do or somewhere to go. Karson just finished her 2 year volleyball scholarship at Central Arizona College and will finish her education at Cal Poly Pomona in the LA area.

This brings me to Beau. Our family could not be more proud of this guy! Beau has worked very hard to earn himself a full ride Football scholarship at the University of Colorado in Boulder. At the end of the day he had 30+ D1 college football scholarship offers and was rated the top 14th running back in the US. The recruiting process started when Beau was a sophomore and it was brutal at times as there was a constant flow of coaches visiting and instant messaging him to call them since they were not allowed to call him.

And then there were the visiting of schools, he toured Washington State, University of Washington, Oregon State, University of Oregon, Stanford, Michigan State, Arizona State, University of California Berkeley, USC, UCLA and of course University of Colorado. Beau attended several camps were College Recruiting Coaches would be watching and he also played on a 7 on 7 team in the off season. A big turning point for Beau and his recruiting was when he was invited to the Nike Combine Camp in 2014 where he was awarded the MVP of running backs. Here is the video of the play that I believe landed him that award.

I know Beau will always have fond memories of playing high school football at Jesuit and I’m sure going to miss being on the sidelines watching him play and photographing every chance I could. His junior year was really an amazing season, here are Beau’s highlights, this highlight video has been watched over 22,000 times ( I probably have watched a good 1,000 times myself!:)

Much of Beau’s natural talent comes from his Dad, Charlie who also played D1 football at the University of Oregon, back in the day.

I really believe Beau has landed at the perfect place for him, CU. He loves the mountains, the outdoors and he loves to fish and hunt. The little college town sits right up against the beautiful flat iron mountains. It is a beautiful place to live, the school is top notch for education and I truly believe the football program is really going to flourish this year. The Folsom Field Stadium is just beautiful, surrounded by magical mountains.

 They just built on to their football facility and now have a brand new indoor practice field along with an amazing locker room which is where Beau will be spending almost all of his time. They even have their academic tutors  in the same building. Here is a video of their new facility!When we went to CU for the Spring Scrimmage Football game, Beau was already asked for his autograph. CU is very excited to have Beau, as seen on this press release, and Beau is very excited to be there. So as difficult as it was to drop my baby off at college, I know this is God’s plan and I trust it completely. Beau is going to have a great experience and I couldn’t be more proud and excited for him.  #GoBuffs, #GoBeau, #BeauGoesBuff




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kathy - June 25, 2016 - 6:49 am

That was beautifully stated. What an incredible journey for you and so much to be proud of with all of your children. Life is good!

Kellie DeMarco - June 24, 2016 - 6:49 pm

This post makes me so happy! Not just because I’m a CU Alum, but because of the obvious bond in your family and all that your children have accomplished! You should be so proud of YOU for raising them right and supporting them along the way. I can’t wait to see what kind of name Beau leaves for himself in Boulder.

Cheers to the next chapter,

What is an Edited Photograph?

Often this question arises in our studio. Do we sell digital images? Yes, of course we sell digital images that are “edited”. What is an edited photograph? We thought we would post some examples of our recent senior “Amanda”. Amanda is beautiful even in her before photographs, however if you were Amanda’s parents would you rather purchase her “before” edited portraits or her “after” portraits?

We spend approximately 20 minutes per each post production image to bring out the best in you and make your digital images all they can be. This is why we are proud of our quality images and why it is worth it for you to purchase professional portraits.

In Amanda’s after photograph among many other edits, we opened her left eye and whitened her eyes a bit.

I love this pose for seniors. The color enhancement just makes this portrait so beautiful.

Amanda looks beautiful in any color she wears. This photograph we softened Amanda’s skin, whitened her eyes and teeth a bit and I just love how the colors pop.

Among other edits in this portrait we thought Amanda’s dress was a little full so we thinned it a little bit. Our senior girls always look great with a hand on the hip and a little sass.

Enhanced the color, smoothed skin, sharpened lashes, whitened teeth

I love how this portrait shows off Amanda’s beautiful eye lashes and her beautiful hair. We softened her look here which really added to her beauty.









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